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ROTOR CLIP announces the 19 December 2011 purchase of SEGNOR spol. s r.o., a manufacturer of retaining rings and blind rivets located in the Czech Republic.

According to Rotor Clip, acquired assets include all patents, copyrights, and registered trademarks. Rotor Clip will maintain the SEGNOR facility as a second ISO and TS-certified manufacturing location to service the European and world markets.

SEGNOR began manufacturing retaining rings in 1959, adding over fifty years of quality expertise to Rotor Clip’s history as the world’s largest manufacturer of retaining rings and related products.


Rotor Clip has created an online account with BlogSpot.

Rotor Clip will use this medium for musings on the manufacturing and fastener industries, Rotor Clip-specific updates, and a lively Cross Fire-like editorial on issues that affect these industries.

To access the page visit the following url:


Rotor Clip Company, Inc. has created an online account with Facebook.

This medium will serve as an extension of the Rotor Clip website and offer customers up-to-date information on product news and industry happenings, as well as instructional videos and written pieces, in one spot for easy reference now and in the future.

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Rotor Clip introduces its newest line of spiral retaining rings specifically designed to withstand the rigors and functional stresses of the wind power industry.

A machined lughole, specially designed to accommodate the V-Orbis™ tool, makes field installation and removal far easier than traditionally designed spiral rings, which cannot be easily removed without damage to either the ring or application.

For more information, visit For technical considerations or design questions for these and other products, email


Rotor Clip announces three personnel changes in its sales and marketing organization.

Sara Mallo has been appointed VP of Sales. In her new position she will be responsible for Rotor Clips sales organization in the U.S., including customer service, field sales and technical sales. She will also assist with improving communications and sales reporting systems in Rotor Clips overseas facilities (Sheffield, UK and Idstein, Germany).

Joe Cappello has been appointed Director of Global Marketing. He will focus on establishing a global brand identity for Rotor Clip by positioning the company as the quality experts in retaining rings and the leaders in service and technical support.

Jürgen Wenzel has been appointed Manager, Marketing Communications. He will manage the day-to-day activities of the Marketing department and also assist with the global marketing efforts in Germany and Europe.

“I believe these personnel changes will help Rotor Clip meet the current and future expectations of our global customers,” noted Craig Slass, Rotor Clip Co-President. “Please join me in wishing Sara, Joe and Jürgen luck and success in their new positions.”


Rotor Clip welcomes Mr. Elmar Kampmann as a Technical Sales Manager and Global Wave Spring Engineer.

He comes with over 5 years industry experience, specializing in calculation and sales of flat wire retaining rings and wave springs.

Mr. Kampmann researched his masters thesis with a major German engine manufacturer and received his Master of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Applied Science in Münster, Germany.

We are excited about this newest addition to our global team and wish Mr. Kampmann success in his future with Rotor Clip.


Rotor Clip Company, Inc. handles bearing pre-loads with its MST-series of Truwave™ wave springs.

These single-turn metric wave springs are available in sizes from 16mm to 170mm and are ideal for short deflection applications, offering the following advantages for bearing retention:

• Overhead assembly possible, since the wave spring can lightly grip the inside of the bearing bore.
• Can be installed automatically via a tapered mandrel similar to the automatic installation of retaining rings.
• Even load / force with small tolerances due to even, sinusoidal waves in the spring design.
• No radial jamming, since spring ends are able to overlap and do not push against one another.
• No tooling cost for special sizes
• Self-centering in bearing bore.


On April 1st, Franklin Township Chamber will celebrate their 50th anniversary at an Awards Banquet to be held at the DoubleTree Hotel of Somerset. Keynote speaker will be Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno. Franklin Chamber will award Rotor Clip as Company of the Year.

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., 187 Davidson Avenue, Somerset, New Jersey, is a manufacturer of a full line of retaining rings, wave springs and hose clamps for the automotive, appliance and general OEM (original equipment manufacturer) marketplace.

Nearly 40 years ago, Rotor Clip Founder Robert Slass decided to make Franklin Township his corporate home. It was a great choice as Rotor Clip grew along with the community providing long-term job opportunities for area residents and becoming an interested and involved corporate citizen. Constructed between 1970-2002, Rotor Clip currently occupies 250,000 square feet on 30 acres and employs 275 people from Somerset and the surrounding communities.

During that time, Rotor Clip has stepped up when called upon to actively support the local board of education through a variety of activities like sponsoring an annual tour of its facility for local school children. Other regional organizations like the P.B.A., Franklin Food Bank and the 4-H club of Somerset County have also received support from the company over the years along with many other township organizations.

Rotor Clip is a primary example of successful American manufacturing and the promise it still holds for our country. The “100% Made in America” label is one it wears proudly since all of the processes needed to make the company product line are performed at the Somerset location. Those who pass the Rotor Clip facility may periodically see a large shipping container on the premises. Many assume this container holds goods imported from another country. But Rotor Clip fills these containers with its retaining rings for exporting to other countries, bringing dollars and opportunities to Franklin Township.

Today, Rotor Clip retaining rings and hose clamps are all around us, though they are rarely visible. For example, they are used in automobiles on ABS brakes, air conditioning compressors, steering systems, braking systems and more. You will also find them in virtually any product that needs to be fastened in some way including lawn mowers, computer peripherals, electric motors, disk drives, paper shredders, washing machines, door knob and lock assemblies, linkages and more.


Rotor Clip Company, Inc. helps designers of fluid power assemblies cut costs and save space in their designs by combining the benefits of wave springs and traditional retaining rings.

The retaining ring fixes the cover element and eliminates the need to weld or screw down the components, making the assembly easy to repair/service in the field. The wave spring between one cover element and the inner tube pre-loads the inner components against each other; possible axial tolerances are always balanced so no axial play occurs. Visit for online retaining ring specs, sample requests and quotation requests. To request a hard copy of the 2010 catalog, email For technical considerations or design questions for these and other products, email


Rotor Clip Company, Inc. employs a specialized wire-forming process in the manufacture of constant section retaining rings for use in automotive transmissions.
These rings (Rotor Clip designations UMI, UHO, and USH) are coiled into a slightly elliptical shape which compensates for the plastic deformation that will occur during installation. Once installed, these rings “kick-in” and assume a more traditional circular shape which contributes to:

-Allowing the parts to clear the bore much more easily due to roundness
-Higher load capacity due to increased groove contact
-Maximum clearance for assembled part to pass through the installed part.

The “Kick” to the parts is most exaggerated at the gap of the part when it is installed. This allows for easier removal using standard installation tools since the exposure of the gap is increased.

Visit for online retaining ring specs, sample requests and quotation requests. To request a hard copy of the 2010 catalog, email For technical considerations or design questions for these and other products, email


Somerset, NJ: Rotor Clip Company, Inc. released the 2010 edition of their print catalog.

The catalog lists full engineering specifications for tapered section retaining rings, constant section rings, spiral rings, wave springs and hose clamps in inch and metric configurations. Installation tools for rings and clamps are also included.
A section on load capacity and other retaining ring formulas was added, as well as other technical information on Rotor Clip products.

Visit for online specifications, sample requests and quotation requests. To request a hard copy of the 2010 catalog, email


Rotor Clip Company, Inc.,, the leading manufacturer in retaining rings, hose clamps and related products offers design engineers the option of downloading the most commonly used rings as IGES files, which can be opened using any 3D design program, and PDF prints. Additional files are being created, until our entire product line can be converted over.

For anyone creating a design that uses a retaining ring, spiral ring, or wave spring dimensional information can be easily obtained directly from the website by accessing the catalog pages or the online customer drawing.
Once the part has been selected, downloading the IGES drawing, which depicts the ring in the installed state, is a time saver for the designer. They do not have to try to create a reasonable facsimile of the ring in the installed state, which can be very time-consuming. In a matter of seconds, they can obtain the 3D part from the web and mate it in their assembly.
Unless the designer is willing to repeat these processes with multiple suppliers, it is recommended that the finished product be designed around the ring that has been tested. Choosing another supplier always runs the risk that the part may have a different shape and not function as well in the assembly.
Visit for online retaining ring specs, sample requests and quotation requests. To access product files, visit the product search page: Contact Engineering – for additional information.


Rotor Clip, the leading global manufacturer of retaining rings and wave springs, offers a cost-savings method to pre-load and retain bearings in a variety of applications.

Applications requiring a bearing pre-load can utilize a multi-turn wave spring to accomplish the task. The radial wall of the wave spring offers a wide supporting surface and the bearing load in the waves guarantees 100% axial transmission of the load.
In place of a cover plate, the entire assembly can be held in place using a 2-turn spiral retaining ring. This ring offers a 360° closed surface of contact for the wave spring. The combination of both retaining ring and wave spring offers an economical way of accomplishing the bearing pre-load and retention task.
For samples and more information, visit


Rotor Clip Company, Inc. recently published formulae on its website for determining thrust loads and tolerances, avoiding costs associated with over-estimating application requirements.

Maximum allowable thrust load capacities for all retaining rings are given in the manufacturers technical manual. Design engineers can use this information to determine if their application requires a ring suited for withstanding thrust loads or static retention. There is no need to design in one type when another will do at a reduced cost.
For example, consider an assembly in which you have to fasten components in a bore or housing .750” (19.0mm) in diameter. A self-locking retaining ring, which does not need a groove, provides 66 lbs. of static thrust load capacity; an external retaining ring for the same application installed in a soft groove provides 1,200 lbs. of static load capacity with a safety factor of 2. If the load capacity of your application is 66 lbs. or less, then the self-locking ring presents the most economical and effective approach to meeting this fastener requirement.
Visit for online retaining ring specs, sample requests and quotation requests. Visit to access formulae for determining thrust load and tolerances, or contact for technical design assistance.


Rotor Clip Company, Inc. manufactures a varied range of wave springs for applications requiring quick connectors.

Flatwire Wave Springs and Retaining Rings are used in a variety of quick connectors/circular plug-in connectors with threaded and bayonet locking for military, aerospace and industrial applications.

The designer has the choice of single (overlapping ends save axial space and prevent radial jamming), nested (provides a higher load than a single turn wave spring and uses the same radial space as a single turn design) and multi-turn (does not cling to the bore; greater deflection while taking up half the space of coiled springs) wave springs to meet the unique demands of virtually any connector application.

Rotor Clip wave springs are currently manufactured from carbon steel and 17-7 stainless.

Visit for online retaining ring specs, sample requests and quotation requests. Visit to access the design form or to use our wave spring calculator.


Rotor Clip Company, Inc., the leading manufacturer in retaining rings, hose clamps and related products is also a global manufacturer of retaining rings for the wind power industry. These specialized rings are made from high carbon steel in a variety of configurations to perform critical retention of bearings and other components in wind turbine assemblies.

Specific wind power applications for Rotor Clip retaining rings include pitch systems, main shaft bearings, yaw systems, gearbox bearings, generator bearings and brake systems. Rings can be made up to 1000mm in diameter to suit the specific requirements of any of these applications.

Rotor Clip retaining rings are highly engineered components with tooling designed by our in-house engineering staff and built by our tool room. All processes are performed in-house including forming the rings according to exacting specifications and heat treating them in our own in-house furnaces designed specifically for retaining rings. The heat treating process is critical, as the performance of the ring depends on reaching a pre-determined hardness condition which is assured through computerized feeding mechanisms and strict quality checking procedures.

Rotor Clip is a recognized quality manufacturer holding a TS16949 certification and known globally as a supplier to many of the largest OEM producers.

Visit for online retaining ring specs, sample requests and quotation requests.


Rotor Clip Company, Inc. has assumed a leading role in the domestic manufacturing and processing of retaining rings to military specifications under Cage Code 07382.

Stainless steel parts for military need to be from PH15-7 stainless material, which Rotor Clip can provide. This material is not readily available in Europe and the Pacific Rim, limiting the ability of other sources to provide certified rings to their customers. MS parts made from High Carbon Spring Steel are also available; manufactured domestically, and processed from their extensive catalog of tooled parts. Finishes include: Cadmium; Zinc Dichromate, and Phosphate.

Stainless steel and beryllium copper parts have been certified as domestically melted by raw material suppliers for purposes of DFARS 252.225-7014, “Preference for domestic specialty metals.” Certifications are provided Free of Charge.

Rotor Clip Company, Inc. has improved upon the method of eliminating endplay-vibration in a pump application. The bearing of an automobile power steering pump was being retained by a threaded nut to eliminate vibration caused by endplay. Additional labor was required to machine complementary threads on the housing so the nut could be installed. The nut also required a certain torque during installation for each unit, also resulting in increased labor and costs.

Endplay vibration is now eliminated by the use of a beveled retaining ring. Machining a simple groove into the application allows the complementary angle of the beveled ring to assume the function of the more costly and cumbersome nut. Once installed, the retaining ring eliminates the need for additional labor to torque the part or machine threads on the housing. Also, the cost of the beveled ring is far less than the nut originally used.


Rotor Clip Co., Inc., a major manufacturer of retaining rings and wave springs, introduces a new feature to streamline the design and ordering of its wide range of single and multi-turn wave springs.

The new CUSTOM WAVE SPRING CALCULATOR allows the input of basic spring/application parameters and returns either a reference drawing to submit for quotation or an error message if the spring is not feasible. Design engineers should know right away if their design or application needs to be adjusted, allowing them to fine tune a nearly-finished product with Technical Sales.

Rotor Clip is a major producer of single and multi turn wave springs for automotive and other OEM industries. Wave springs function in smaller spaces than conventional coil springs, yet perform comparably, resulting in smaller assemblies and overall cost savings.
To access the wave spring calculator, visit and click on the “Wave Spring” link on the left.


Rotor Clip announces the asset purchase of Truarc LLC, also known as Waldes Truarc.

According to Rotor Clip, these assets include all patents, copyrights, registered trade marks (including the Industrial Retaining Ring (IRR) brand name and logo), as well as all machinery and quality documentation. The purchase also includes all original Waldes Truarc tooling.

With this new acquisition, they look forward to serving more of the worlds marketplace with the same commitment to quality they have shown over the past fifty years.

Rotor Clip will be able to meet the anticipated volume increase from its manufacturing facility in Somerset, NJ. Rotor Clip did not purchase Truarc finished goods inventory and is not responsible for any pending orders or paperwork/certification for any orders previously shipped by Truarc.

To receive a quotation, enquiries should be sent to; 800-557-6867 or (Fax) 732-805-6471. Customers who require "Truarc only" retaining rings should contact Prospect Fastener, the only licensed authorized distributor for Truarc products, at 800-526-7055; Fax: 908-859-6570 or 908-859-6529; or e-mail:


Somerset, NJ: The results of an informal survey, conducted at the recent National Industrial Fastener Show West (NIFS) by retaining ring manufacturer, ROTOR CLIP COMPANY, INC., offer a glimpse on where members of the fastener industry see the country headed in the months ahead.

A significant number of respondents chose developing alternative energy sources other than oil as a means of addressing Americas dependence on foreign oil. This was followed closely by allowing offshore drilling on our coasts as well as additional drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

A majority see cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells as the future. However, this was followed closely by manufacturing more fuel efficient, traditional cars as well as continued production of hybrid vehicles.
Respondents rejected the recent bailout of the financial industry by an almost 2-1 margin and a majority of them see their respective businesses heading up slightly in 2009.

The survey was part of Rotor Clips Election Day theme, which garnered the company a Best of Show in the multiple booth category. The booth featured a small town America setting with grass, a white picket fence and a rural school house that served as an actual voting booth for those completing the survey. The scene was crowned by an American flag on top of a 15 foot flagpole.

“We had 97 respondents who took the survey,” noted Joe Cappello, Director of Marketing. “Although it is not anything we can project on the entire fastener audience who attended the show, it is a way to gauge how members of the fastener industry may view these


Rotor Clip has taken its expertise in processing and coiling wire to produce retaining rings and applied it to the manufacture of single-turn and multi-turn wave springs.

A wave spring is coiled flat wire with waves added to give it a spring effect. Wave springs are superior to coil springs in certain applications because they provide lower work heights with the same force. This not only provides for space savings, but also smaller assemblies that use less materials, hence lower production costs.

Wave springs can act as load bearing devices - compensating for accumulated tolerances in assemblies and providing end-play take-up. Wave springs exert a force, or preload on assemblies made to the low side of the tolerances snugging everything up. On the other end, they also give when parts are made to the high side of tolerances.

Single-turn wave springs are ideal for short deflection applications with low to medium forces. They are offered in a number of waves and material thicknesses, and designed for a wide range of bore and rod diameters. Single-turn wave springs are ideal for narrow radial wall dimensions, light duty & low clearance applications, and ball or roller bearing applications.

Multi-turn wave springs are used for low force applications with large deflections and utilize nearly half the space as helical compression springs while producing the same force.

Rotor Clip can custom design a wave spring to fit your application, with as much as a 40% cost savings.


Rotor Clip has improved upon the method of deburring - or removing unwanted material caused by a stamping operation - with the addition of the "Turbo Tumbler" to its availability of finishing processes for retaining rings.

The Turbo-Tumbler is a high-speed centrifugal machine that works by spinning parts in a work bowl along with ceramic media, water and a deburring compound. This creates a vortex of parts and media, ensuring that each part gets impacted with the media many thousands of times within a short period.
Of the many methods of deburring and polishing rings, Rotor Clip believes that this is the best method to use because of the process speed. What used to take many hours to polish can now be accomplished in only a few minutes. This enables Rotor Clip to respond to customer needs more quickly in terms of expediting parts, standardizing the overall process, and providing more consistent quality.


Rotor Clamp, Inc., has developed an application system for pre-installing high volumes of Constant Tension Light Band clamps, or CTLs, onto hoses.

This semi-automated machine features a feed bowl system that places a clamp in the jaws of a pneumatic hose clamp plier, compresses the clamp in the open position, and allows the operator to place the hose in the desired place before closing the clamp. The plier is activated and deactivated by proximity switches which reduce stress on the hand from repeated assembly. This pneumatic installation method aids in the prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
CTLs are ideal for low pressure applications, and are a cost effective and reliable alternative to other types of band clamps. Easy to install and remove, these clamps offer a one-piece design providing leak-proof connections. CTLs can be used on such applications as small engines, spas, agricultural and utility vehicles, automotive systems and appliances.
To inquire as to whether your company can benefit from the CTL Bowl with automatic opening station, and to request a demo at your site, please contact our sales department.

Rotor Clip Introduces Spiral Retaining Rings (5/24/06)

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., world leader in the manufacture of retaining rings and self compensating hose clamps, has added spiral retaining rings to compliment their full line of product. Spiral rings are axially installed into machined grooves in housings/bores (internal) or on shafts (external) to retain assemblies. They provide 360° contact with the groove and offer more clearance than a tapered section ring. They are ideal for applications with lower thrust loadings. To request a catalog or quote, visit The web site "Product Search" feature will also aid in finding the right size spiral retaining ring for an application.

Rotor Clip Names New Sales RepresentativE (5/4/06)

Rotor Clip Company Inc. has announced the addition of two new outside sales representatives. Rob Steers of Steers Associates will cover the Alabama and Georgia territories, and Mark Wilson of Clevenger & Associates will be responsible for North Carolina and South Carolina. Sara Mallo, Director of Sales for Rotor Clip, states that she is “pleased to make these appointments and looks forward to working with such industry professionals.” Rotor Clip manufactures a full line of retaining rings in inch, DIN, ANSI and JIS configurations, as well as constant section snap rings, spiral retaining rings, wave springs and constant tension band hose clamps.

Rotor Clip Retaining Rings Comply with EU Directives (10/5/06)

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., world leader in the manufacture of retaining rings, offers retaining rings that comply with the European Union “End of Life Vehicle (ELV)” and “Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)” directives. Rotor Clips trivalent finish, or Z3X, complies with both directives offering hexavalent-free retaining rings with 240 hours of salt-spray protection for the automotive and electronic industries. Rotor Clip offers a full line of retaining rings to world standards, with over 50 different styles to suit virtually every application.

Rotor Clip Offers DIN Retaining RingS (9/22/05)

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., world leader in the manufacture of retaining rings, offers retaining rings worldwide standards. Not only a manufacturer of a full line of Inch retaining rings, Rotor Clip also manufactures metric rings to DIN standards, as well as ANSI metric & JIS “E” rings. If minimum requirements are not met, Rotor Clip will gladly refer you to a RotorExpress® partner who stocks DIN rings, as well as any other retaining ring requirement you may have.


Rotor Clamp, Inc. has published its new self-compensating hose clamp catalog featuring single wire, double wire, constant tension band styles, and pre-opened, pre-positioned band clamps for the automotive and appliance industry. The catalog features engineering data on Rotor Clamp self-compensating hose clamps which are easier to install and less expensive than worm or screw-type clamps. It also lists installation tools available, testing information, and a joint design guide for successful hose/joint connections. It also features 2 new lines of Constant Tension Band clamps in light band and narrow band configurations.

Retaining Ring Training Guide (6/14/05)

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., a world class manufacturer of retaining rings, offers “Rotor Clip University” or “RCU”, the most comprehensive training manual of its kind on retaining rings and related products. “RCU” is a laymans guide, as well as a refresher for the expert, on types of retaining rings, the features of each, and how they are used in actual applications. The manual includes important information about materials, finishes and packaging. Sections include “How To Identify a Retaining Ring,” “Design Characteristics,” and an “Automated Assembly” guide. Index and table of contents make finding a fast answer to a question easy. “RCU” also contains technical information about how to calculate edge margin and computing beveled groove location.

Constant Section Retaining Rings from Rotor Clip (5/16/05)

Rotor Clip manufactures a complete line of Constant Section Rings, or Snap Rings, to compliment its line of tapered section retaining rings. Constant Section rings come in a variety of cut-off styles in sizes ranging from 5/8” to 13” for both internal and external applications. Constant Section Rings are an efficient substitute for tapered section rings in certain applications; they offer more clearance than tapered section rings, but accommodate less force. Ideal applications include gears, pumps & transmissions for automotive, farm equipment, fork lifts and drills.

New Hose Clamp Line from Rotor Clamp (4/13/05)

Rotor Clamp Inc. has added a line of Constant Tension Light Band clamps, or “CTL” to its family of self-compensating hose clamps. CTLs are a cost effective alternative to other types of band clamps, but do not compromise quality or reliability. Easy to install and remove, these clamps offer a one-piece design providing leak-proof connections. And Rotor Clamps CTLs have superior strength due to Rotor Clamp perfection of the austempering method, a heat treating process which ensures strength and eliminates brittleness associated with oil quenching clamps. Rotor Clamp CTLs can be used on such applications as small engines, agricultural & utility vehicles, automotive systems and appliances.

Rotor Clip Offers Variety of Retaining Ring Finishes (2/15/05)

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., world leader in the manufacture of retaining rings, provides numerous finishing options to best suit a customers application and needs. All Rotor Clip retaining rings are sold with a phosphate coating for shelf life protection at no extra charge. Phosphate and Oil, a popular European coating, offers eight hours of salt spray protection and Heavy Phosphate and Oil offers 72 hours salt spray protection. For corrosion protection, Rotor Clip offers dichromate coatings including zinc, zinc bright, and zinc with a lacquer coating, which provides 240-hour salt spray protection. In response to calls for alternatives to hexavalent chrome finishes, Rotor Clip offers trivalent coatings which afford nearly comparable salt spray protection to the hexavalent-based coatings.


Rotor Clip Company, Inc., a world-leading manufacturer of retaining rings and self-compensating hose clamps, recently featured a trick drill demonstration in its booth at the National Industrial Fastener Show West in Las Vegas, NV held November 11-12, 2004. This marketing strategy centered on the theme “Famous Mugs/Support Our Troops”. Visitors to the booth got their picture taken, received a coffee mug, and a yellow ribbon symbolizing support for US Soldiers overseas. Coinciding with the “Support Our Troops” theme, the booth featured trick drill performances by Cadets David Haczyk and Vincent Burlazzi of the Pershing Rifles Co. K-8 Trick Drill Team, Seton Hall University. "We wanted to do something that emphasized support for our men and women overseas who put themselves in harms way every day," noted Craig Slass, VP of Sales for Rotor Clip. "I think our young cadets helped underscore this." Rotor Clip received "Best of Show" in the single booth category for its efforts. Rotor Clip is donating USO care packages for troops in the names of all visitors who participated at the booth.

Rotor Clip Offers Retaining Ring Military Cross Reference Guide (8/2/04)

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., world leader in the manufacture of retaining rings, announces the publication of its “Retaining Ring Military Standard Cross Reference Guide.” This 24-page brochure interchanges military retaining ring part numbers with Rotor Clip military part numbers. Rotor Clip offers a full range of military certified rings made from carbon steel, stainless steel, or beryllium copper with cadmium, zinc or phosphate finishes. This reference guide crosses MS numbers with Rotor Clip numbers for each ring size in each finish.

ROTOR CLIP OFFERS “Rings on Wire” PACKAGING (4/6/04)

ROTOR CLIP COMPANY, INC., a world leading manufacturer of retaining rings, now offers “Rings On Wire” (ROW), an alternative to loose bulk packaging of various internal rings. “Rings on Wire” is an in-line method of producing retaining rings in which parts are formed then automatically fed on wires through the lugholes. The rings are then heat treated and finished while on the wire stack using special processes. This method eliminates mixed parts, sorting and tangling of the rings, which can be found when packaged loosely in the box. Not only does this method yield a flatter part, handling is reduced, parts are burr-oriented and beveled parts are properly oriented on the stack. And there is no additional charge for this packaging. Rotor Clip also offers other forms of packaging for internal rings including tape stacked, shrink wrapped, and loose bulk.


Rotor Clip Company, Inc. has announced Sara Mallo as its Director of Sales. Working directly for the VP of Sales, she will be soliciting and penetrating the fastener distribution market and certain OEMs in the US and Canada, while providing support to Outside Sales Representatives. Mallo brings more than 19 years of experience in the national distribution market as Outside Sales Representative, General Manager and National Sales Manager. “Coming to work for Rotor Clip, a truly world class operation, as Director of Sales is an important and exciting position,” states Mallo. “I am honored to be working with such a fine team of people and look forward to developing the distribution of rings worldwide.”


ROTOR CLIP COMPANY, INC. manufactures retaining rings in different materials to suit various applications and their environments. Standard material for Rotor Clip retaining rings is carbon spring steel, known for high strength and reliability in applications. Rings are also produced in Stainless Steel (PH 15-7Mo) for extra strength corrosion resistance, with 420 type cold rolled stainless steel as an option. In addition, applications that require conductivity can use rings made of beryllium copper alloy #25, with copper alloy C72900 and phosphor bronze alloy #5218 as options. Rotor Clip Technical Assistance can help determine which material would best suit an assembly.

ROTOR CLIP ACHIEVES TS16949 (12/19/03)

ROTOR CLIP COMPANY, INC., a major producer of retaining rings and self-compensating hose clamps, recently became the only retaining ring manufacturer to receive a TS16949 designation. The Somerset-based company joins an elite group of only 250 TS certified companies worldwide. The new standard is part of a re-emergence as a brand leader and R&D center for the engineering, production and packaging of retaining rings. TS is goal oriented and fits very well with the drive to provide value and service to its global customers. Instead of focusing on core procedures that everyone is expected to follow, TS requires management to set goals and meaningful metrics. These targets are tracked on a regular basis and problems are addressed through corrective and preventive actions. This goal driven philosophy results in timely improvements in every area of the company and cost reduction opportunities for its customers. One of Rotor Clips main targets is 95% "on the shelf" availability of product. This figure is tracked weekly and production, shipping and customer service take action to ensure the goal is met or exceeded. Since July of 2003, availability has increased from a low of 89% to a high of 97% reported in November 2003.

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